The history behind the 'Allard' name in the Stonemason world...

Where it all began

Steve and Lewis are partners in business also a father son duo. Life as stonemasons began for both Steve and Lewis at the age of 16. Being taught by their fathers. Steve began his apprenticeship with his father Terrance Allard who was the 4th Generation of stonemasons in the Allard family.

Starting his career following the footsteps of an incredibly talented stonemason set Steve up on his journey to where he is now. 

Stonemasonry however isn't just a job for Steve and Lewis its in their blood, as far as records can show it all began in 1811 when William Allard was born. He lived in While Ladies Aston married to Charlotte in 1851 they began a family of  4 children, one of his sons William junior became a stonemason in 1881 working and living in Claines, Worcester. 

William junior also had 4 children with his wife Mary, one of their sons Charles carried on the family trade, Charles in 1911 was 34  listed as a 'Stone Sawyer' living in Worcester. 

He and his wife Eliza also resided in Worcester having a family of 5 children. Their son 'Henry' Frank Allard as the others became a Stonemason.

'Henry'  Frank we know taught Terry (Steve's Father) all he was to know about the world of stone and the craftsmanship as they know it today. 

Terry Allard spent his working life in Worcester also. Terry was married to Veronica they had 3 children. as tradition shows over the generations of Allards this craft and trade was then taught to Terry's sons.

Steve's apprenticeship with his father gave him the tools and workmanship to enable a successful business. The one here today in 2017.

Steve also living and working in Worcester married and had 2 children Lewis and Jessica.

Lewis left school and began life as Steve's apprentice in 2006 to now be a partner in a well established family business of many years. A name we are proud of.


So here we are today on the 25th April 2017 with a 'to be continued' ending to this huge chunk of family history...